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NY AG Office Doing Its Job on NRA Investigation

President Trump is claiming that NY AG office is "illegally" investigating the National Rifle Association because it disagrees with the NRA's policy positions on guns. He is wrong.

The Charities Bureau of the New York Office of Attorney General is doing what it always does when it receives allegations of improprieties within a New York-based non-profit. It is responding to the accusations of gross financial improprieties from the now former President of the NRA, Oliver North, and its current Executive Director, Wayne LaPierre. None of the allegations are about gun policy.

It is now a good time for the pro-gun forces and the anti-gun forces to step back and trust the professionals in the New York Charity Bureau. Speculation as to what the Bureau will do to the NRA makes little sense before anyone really knows what happened. The career Charity Bureau staff will refer their findings to the Attorney General of New York — facts matter — and then she will make her decisions on the facts and the laws of non-profit regulation, because the legal thing is also the right thing regardless of what the President or NRA critics might say.