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New Civil Rights Unit at the New Hampshire AGO

Congratulations are in order to NH AG Gordon MacDonald and NH Governor Chris Sununu for creating a Civil Rights Unit in the Office of Attorney General. Pledging not only to enforce existing anti-discrimination laws, the new unit will also work closely with local communities to prevent bias and discrimination. This is exactly the right decision for these increasingly troubled times.

Appeals Court Upholds AG Ferguson's Victory Against Trump's Immigration Order

No one is above the law, not even the President. The President should withdraw this flawed, rushed and dangerous Executive Order, which caused chaos across the country. If he refuses, I will continue our work to hold him accountable to the Constitution.
— Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson

Speaking at a press conference Thursday afternoon, AG Ferguson said, "People on both sides have strong feelings on this issue, but we should all agree on the Constitution."

Virginia AG Ramps Up Anti-Hate Crime Efforts

Virginia Attorney General is ramping up his anti-hate crime efforts as have so many other attorneys general as indicated in earlier blogs. No matter what our policy views, hate violence can never be allowed to happen without a strong response from law enforcement.

Well-Trained Police Working with Prosecutors Safeguard Against Hate Crimes

Hate crimes are increasing and law enforcement is responding as described in my hometown newspaper where well-trained local police got the facts, communicated them to a skilled District Attorney who in turn sent the file to the Attorney General for a final decision.

The message was therefore immediately sent to this Muslim community, and the entire state, that hate violence will not be tolerated. Treating hate as a serious crime results in the deterrence that produces public safety, which is the goal of law enforcement.

Too many well-meaning philanthropists and academics miss the vital role that well-trained police and prosecutors play in keeping us all safe, and that is a shame.

  • AG to investigate Burger King assault as possible hate crime, Sun Journal (Nov. 25, 2016).

AGs Organizing Against Hate Crimes

Attorneys general across the country are increasing their activism against hate crimes by organizing broad coalitions and making it easier to report.  

Maryland Attorney General launches hate crime hotline

Fox Baltimore

The hotline, 1-866-481-8361, was announced by Maryland Attorney GeneralBrian E. Frosh on Thursday. According to Frosh, the hotline was developed in response to an increase in reported hate incidents.

Oregon Attorney General Encourages Hate Crime Reports

750 KXL

In a written statement released Thursday, Attorney General Rosenblum said “We must stand together against hate, so that all people in our state feel valued and safe. I support our Governor’s commitment to use the full force of the law against anybody who targets others based on race, religion, gender, or sexual identity."

Amid Surge Of Bias Crimes, A.G. Schneiderman Stands With Dozens Of Civil Rights Leaders To “Stand Up To Hate,” Issues Urgent Bulletin To Local Law Enforcement Offering Guidance In Identifying And Prosecuting Hate Crimes

NYAG Press Office

A.G. Schneiderman Vows Full Support Of State Law Enforcement To Protect Rights Of New York’s Most Vulnerable Communities

A.G. Schneiderman And State Education Commissioner Elia Offer Guidance To Help Ensure Schools Are Safe Havens For Learning

NYAG Press Office

Letter To School Leaders Provides Resources For Complying With The Dignity For All Students Act And Preventing And Addressing Hate-Based Actions