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Former AG's (and Governors) Discuss How They Have Lived their Lives

As each semester draws to a close, I meet one-on-one with each of my graduating students who within months will have joined our profession and be practicing law. In many of those discussions, my Harvard and Columbia students will ask me bluntly, "How do I know where to go with my career?  Who should I be like?  Where should I turn for role models?"  I often answer by directing them to these video interviews done in 2009 where six of the finest public officials I know tell their personal stories.  I never tire of watching former Attorneys General Abrams (NY), Bullock (MT), Woods (AZ), Merrill (NH) and Harvey (NJ), who along with former Deputy White House Counsel and law Professor Bill Marshall, share the paths they have followed that have made our world a more just place in which to live.