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A Game Changing Report

Although almost all attorneys general have jurisdiction over the regulation of non-profit organizations, there has always been a lack of data as to the resources they and other state regulators have at their disposal and what they actually do. Last month, under the leadership of Cindy Lott — now the Program Director of Nonprofit Management Programs at Columbia University, a Senior Fellow at the Urban Institute’s Center in Nonprofits and Philanthropy, and for ten years the Counsel to the National State Attorneys General Program at Columbia Law School - the public now has a fifty state survey of jurisdiction, staffing levels and output.  

The Report describes the organization and staffing of state charity offices from one state to another. I strongly recommend to anyone who cares about the governance of the non-profit sector that they download and read this Report.  I also urge readers to review the media response and this in depth interview with Cindy Lott.  This Report could be the long awaited game changer.


State Regulation and Enforcement in the Charitable Sector

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