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How an AG Makes Litigation Decisions

Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson gave a talk last week at Gonzaga Law School where he outlined the step-by-step approach he used in making his decision to challenge President Trump's Executive Order. This brief excerpt provides insight not only into this high profile case, but also into just how it is that attorneys general make litigation decisions. This is a must listen for lawyers and non-lawyers alike.

Connecticut Intervenes to Protect Enhanced Federal Emission Standards

Connecticut Attorney General George Jepsen and his staff are continuing their opposition to federal regulatory roll backs by going to court to stop the Trump Administration from weakening federal vehicle emission standards.

According to a statement released on March 17, by filing a Motion to Intervene in the D.C. Court of Appeals in a pending case originally brought by auto manufacturers to block Obama Administration's emission standards, Connecticut hopes to allow the case to continue when the Trump Administration follows through on its promise to "undo the significant progress made toward safeguarding our clean air."

Maryland Legislature Expands State AG Authority - Finally!

The Maryland Legislature has finally gotten around to giving that state's outstanding AG - Brian Frosh - the authority that is enjoyed by almost every other AG, e.g. the authority to protect and defend the public interest by exercising his or her own best legal judgement without the approval of the Governor or the Legislature. This initiative finally consigns to the historical dustbin a wrongly decided 1984 decision by the Maryland Supreme Court.

As the Rhode Island Supreme Court said in 2008, "the holder of that high office (state attorney general), as distinguished from the usual advocate, has a special and enduring duty to seek justice." State of Rhode Island v. Lead Industries Association Inc., et al., 951 A.2d 428 (R.I. 2008). 

Residents of Maryland can now be assured that their attorney general will now work to "seek justice" for them. And other attorneys general around the country can now fully welcome Maryland into their midst.

Punching Above Their Weight: Profile of the Connecticut AG's Office

The Connecticut Mirror has a great profile on the Connecticut Attorney General’s office. Set against the backdrop of the current multi-state investigation/lawsuit into generic drug price-fixing, the article tells readers something we have known for a long-time: this is one talented and powerful office. The Connecticut AGs office proves, once again, that talent and passion of staff can overcome any relative size and resource constraints. From the rating agency cases to this current antitrust lawsuit, Connecticut is once again leading the way on major multi-state cases. It also shows the leverage that any attorney general has when they put it all together, and in these times, that is vital to remember.