This week, we put to use the information we have learned so far about Attorneys’ General, multistate litigation, outside counsel, and the relationship to the federal government, by engaging in a mock negotiation between a bank (along with its insurer) on the one hand, and the states and the federal government (along with outside counsel), on the other hand. The problem has been emailed to you by Professor Brann along with the character assignments. Also emailed to you are a couple of student articles that will provide background on the financial crisis and the states’ approaches to dealing with that crisis that might help you in your strategy.  Each student also will be given secret, personal instructions that you may share, or not, with your team or with the other side, as you see fit. Each side should meet ahead of class to discuss strategy.

Come to class prepared to negotiate.  The negotiation will be in real time.  In other words, Prof. Brann will give you a set amount of minutes that will not be extended under any circumstances.   This class will run a little long so that we might discuss in detail.

  1. 2017 Spring Negotiation Background
  2. 2017 Spring Negotiation Character List
  3. Peacock Household Settlement (Edited 2010)