All attorneys general are wrestling with the myriad challenges inherent in the nation’s increased diversity.  Cutting across all areas of state law enforcement, attorneys general are dedicated to protecting all residents through their office’s law enforcement mandate by making sure that all state agencies comply with the law and by safeguarding the immigrant communities' access to public services.

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AG Opinions And Law Enforcement Bulletins

State attorneys general are often called upon to provide formal legal opinions, in-formal "letter" opinions or law enforcement bulletins to members of the legislature and other state officials on a variety of matters involving state and federal law. Although non-binding in their application, AG Opinions are typically followed by state agencies and are often given consideration by state courts. The National State Attorneys General Program at Columbia Law School collected a range of AG Opinions involving issues pertinent to immigration policy and law within a given state. Please note: The collection of opinions gathered span almost twenty years. Subsequent changes in state and federal law may have significantly altered the legal considerations and analysis contained within a given opinion.

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For additional resources on immigrant communities, see the Immigrant Communities section of the National State Attorneys General Program (AGP) archive: