On behalf of the Center for State Enforcement of Antitrust and Consumer Protection Laws, StateAG.org and the American Constitution Society, we welcome you to our northeast regional meeting on the role of state attorneys general in protecting diverse communities. This meeting is part of the Diverse Communities Initiative: A comprehensive capacity building effort that will assist state attorneys general offices throughout the country address the needs of immigrant communities within their states.

Meeting participants will share best practices and discuss the ways state OAGs can overcome various obstacles to serve immigrant communities within their states. Meeting sessions will focus on myriad ways state OAGs help protect immigrant communities, including through enforcement efforts, outreach, and educational initiatives.

How can AG staff overcome trust barriers with the impacted population? How do AG staff overcome perennial resource constraints in order to effectively carry out this work? How can AG staff break down silos within their offices and across state borders to leverage resources and receive actionable information? Aside from enforcement, what other tools are available to AG staff to address issues facing immigrant communities?

Shared Resources from Meeting

Article: Common-Law Privilege Against Arrest Doctrine

Case: Employer's Attempted Discovery of Employees' U-Visa applications

AG Guidance Memoranda to Local Authorities on Immigration Enforcement