Initiatives continues the efforts of the National State Attorneys General Program at Columbia Law School by providing comprehensive assistance to state attorneys general offices across the country on a host of emerging issues and policy areas that fall within their jurisdiction.

Team members work with AG staff throughout the country, on a bi-partisan basis, to foster the development of best practices and strategies to tackle the most pressing issues facing their offices. This is accomplished through the creation of integrated multi-disciplinary networks consisting of state attorney general offices, federal agencies, academics and organizations such as the State Center, to create an environment of open dialogue and cooperation. 

This approach has led to significant breakthroughs and the effective fulfillment of the regulatory and enforcement mandates that lie at the core of a state AG's mission. 

Diverse Communities Initiative

The regulatory and enforcement challenges inherent in a diversified population can only be addressed with an informed, innovative, and nuanced approach.

Consumer Protection Newsletter Initiative

In partnership with the State Center, the’s Consumer Protection Report is a monthly publication of reported consumer protection cases, investigations, settlements and consumer alerts gathered via state attorneys general press releases.

The Tobacco Settlement

20 Years Later

A retrospective commemorating the historic fight against big tobacco and the men and women who led these efforts on behalf of the states.