State attorneys general around the country now face the daunting challenge of carrying out their office’s law enforcement mandate for an increasingly diverse population. The regulatory and enforcement challenges inherent in a diversified population can only be addressed with an informed, innovative, and nuanced approach. Despite efforts by some attorneys general, the number of complex issues exceed the capacity of state attorneys general offices to respond.

To meet this challenge, the National State Attorneys General Program at Columbia Law School launched the Diverse Communities Initiative (“The Initiative”): a comprehensive capacity building effort assisting state attorneys general offices in addressing issues facing immigrant populations within their states. is proud to continue these important efforts.

This Initiative will undertake a systematic step-by-step approach that will: 1.) identify those state attorneys general offices that have a proven record of successfully working on issues which impact diverse communities within their state; 2.) build on and share the experience with other state attorneys general offices which do not have established practices in place and; 3.) from these efforts, develop a set of best practices, which may easily be implemented by a bi- partisan number of state attorneys general across the country.

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